5 best selling cars in Vietnam in July 2019

The best-selling cars in July 2019 still fall in the category A and B cars of the two Toyota brands, Hyundai. Big car is the return of Toyota Fortuner after a month of "dropping" the rankings.

Vietnam automobile market before the month of the soul appears many "breakthroughs" based on the psychology of closing sales of agents, increasing incentives and buying fast to avoid bad months of buyers.

Compared with June 2019, the ranking of Top 5 best-selling cars in 7/2019 remained the same 4 members, only exchanged the position of the second position, and the replacement of Mitsubishi Xpander with Toyota Fortuner model.

1. Toyota Vios

Toyota's B-size sedan, Vios, continuously shows very good consumption in recent months. Although the sales of July 2019 decreased by 22.6% compared to the previous month, it still helped Toyota Vios topped the Top 5 best-selling car rankings.

In July 2019, Toyota Vietnam applied a discount to Vios up to 41 million dong, only from 490 to 570 million dong. Specifically, Toyota Vios G CVT from VND 606 million to VND 570 million, a reduction of VND 36 million. Toyota Vios E CVT also decreased by 29 million, from 569 million to 540 million; and Vios E MT decreased by VND 41 million, from VND 531 million to VND 490 million.

Toyota Vios is still the 4th generation with the latest upgrade in August 2018. This version changes quite a lot with the new design language, the 1.5L engine is the same but increases the safety level up to 7 airbags in the most advanced version.

2. Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent is currently the best-selling model of TC Motor (Hyundai Thanh Cong), with a 7-month cumulative figure of 10,408 vehicles. This B-size sedan is continuously in the Top-selling car, usually in the 2nd or 3rd position. In July, Hyundai Accent had a higher selling volume in June 2019, reaching 10.8%, reaching 1,623 vehicles.

The No. 2 position of Hyundai Accent also shows that this model is constantly chasing rival Toyota Vios and is confident that it is the best-selling car of TC Motor, replacing the Hyundai Grand i10 which was shown a few years ago.

Hyundai Accent became "profitable" starting when the assembly was launched in 4/2018 with a cheaper advantage than imported cars up to VND 120 million. Vehicles with 4 versions from 425 million to 540 million with the only option using 1.4L petrol engine multi-point fuel injection (MPI), comes with 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

3. Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10 sales have increased again after two months of decline. With a consumption of 1,599 vehicles in July 2019, it helped to keep this car the third best selling position, just behind "brother" Hyundai Accent. 2018 Hyundai Grand i10 sold 22,068 cars, which is Hyundai Thanh Cong's best-selling model.

Hyundai Grand i10 is currently equipped with 2 engine options, including Kappa 1.0L engine: Provide capacity of 66 horsepower at 5,500 rpm with maximum torque of 94Nm at 3,500 rpm; Kappa 1.2L engine: Provides 87 horsepower capacity at 6,000 rpm with maximum torque of 120Nm at 4,000 rpm. The gearbox comes with a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual. Price 9 versions from 315 million to 415 million.

4. Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is the best selling car of Ford Vietnam to date. While models like the Focus and EcoSport are in mid-month with unstable sales, the Ford Ranger has consistently sold more than 1,000 cars, accounting for nearly half of the US venture's monthly consumption.

The US pickup is still dependent on supplies from Thailand for sale in Vietnam. The report from VAMA does not clearly show the consumption of Ford Ranger versions, but it is recognized from the market, the Wildtrak version is very popular despite the price of up to VND 918 million for the automatic 2-bridge version. The Wildtrak version is equipped with HID xenon lamps, with LED daytime running lights. Besides, the new 2.0 Bi-Turbo engine equipped with a 10-speed gearbox creates an attraction for this pickup.

5. Toyota Fortuner

7/2019 marked the return of Toyota Fortuner after 6/2019 "temporary" disappeared from the best-selling car rankings. However, from April 2019 until now, the 7-seater SUV of Toyota still maintains good performance, with consumption of over 1,000 vehicles.

The current Toyota Fortuner version is imported from early 2017, instead of assembling like previous generations. Before Tet, this model was complained by customers to buy accessories with about 30-40 million with automatic numbers, while the number of one floor was reduced by about 20 million depending on the agent.

From 6/2019, Toyota Fortuner returned to assemble with 4 versions including 3 oil machine versions: 2.4 MT, 2.4 AT, 2.8 AT and a gasoline engine 2.7 AT 4x2 TRD (new). Particularly, the 2.7 x 4x2 gasoline engine is still imported. Vehicles with selling price from VND 1,033 billion to VND 1,354 billion.

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