Auction for Ford GT40 Roadster supercar worth more than 9 million USD

An extremely rare Ford GT40 Roadster is about to be auctioned next week. The car used to accompany many other riders like Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles ...

Ford used to produce 12 GT40s, including 7 hardtop versions and the remaining 5 Roadster convertible versions. The car that was about to be auctioned was the first GT40 Roadster to be produced in a total of five.

Richard Attwood was the first driver to test this car in March 1965 at the Silvertone race track, England, along with the Ford GT40 coupe. Carroll Shelby then took a look at the car and brought it back to the United States.

While in the US, the GT40 Roadster was primarily used for commercial purposes, which was the only Ford GT40 that Henry Ford II (Ford Group president) had ever tried.

In 1965, this supercar was used by F1 racer Jim Clark in the US Formula 1 motor racing at Watkins Glen, USA.

In the following years, the car passed many different owners. By 1965, the original car was restored to serve the development of two new GT40 versions.

This convertible supercar has appeared in many famous car events such as Concours d'Elegance, Pebble Beach ... It is estimated that new owners need to spend at least $ 9 million to own a special car. this.

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