Ford Explorer 2020 software bug and mounting missing parts

Ford announced that it recalled nearly 14,000 Explorer 2020 and Lincoln Aviator 2020 cars because of the lack of covers and software bugs that disabled vehicle warning systems.

Ford admitted forgetting to install the cover of the Shift Lock button on two models of Explorer 2020 and Lincoln Aviator. This is a button that allows the driver to switch gear without starting the vehicle on the automatic vehicle. The position of the Shift Lock button is usually covered with a small piece of plastic and can only be removed with a tool such as a screwdriver. Although this error is not too serious and few people mistakenly press it, Ford still made the decision to summon.

Explorer 2020 is considered to be Ford's strong move this year, which is also the best Explorer it has ever produced

The bigger problem is that assembly workers may have forgotten to "Factory Mode" on both Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator models. In this mode, all warnings, lights, and numbers are being installed. This is a temporary mode that Ford said using for the purpose of "reducing the battery during production", workers should have turned off this mode before taking the car out of the factory.

Ford said a total of 13,896 vehicles were affected, most of these cars were dealers' inventory. By law in the United States, dealers are not allowed to sell customers faulty cars until the error correction is completed.

There are currently no records available on the database of the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), so there is no repair schedule for these two models yet.

Source: Car and Driver

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