The 'savior' equipment helps new drivers drive safer

In narrow roads, when advancing, backing, parking, the young drivers are easy to happen and rub. Some of the following equipment will help limit this situation.

Reverse camera is an important equipment, which helps the driver to observe the entire rear of the vehicle, avoid the situation of children standing in the blind spot, people and vehicles interrupting abruptly or overtaking the collision with obstacles on the side after. Currently many models have been equipped with reversing camera. The price of a set of quality reversing cameras is relatively stable at about 1.5 million dong, often integrating images into entertainment screens or rearview mirrors inside the car. Photo: Tran Son.

The reverse / backward sensor is a driver that supports the driver quite effectively when backing up and moving on the road with sensor eyes placed at the top and rear, showing the distance with obstacles on the small screen set in vehicle or integrate images directly onto the car's entertainment screen. The system will emit a fast or slow beep depending on the distance with obstacles, help the driver avoid unexpected collision situations. The price of a sensor is about 2 to 4 million VND depending on the brand and the number of sensor eyes. Photo: Huy Hoang.

Camera hinges include cameras installed on the rearview mirror and transmit images to the screen placed in the car, helping the driver to observe the front of the car, wheels and sidewalks, limiting the situation of parking too close to the sidewalk causing tearing tires or scratches the rim, parked too far from the sidewalk to obstruct traffic or avoid collisions in narrow roads that are difficult to wriggle. The owner can choose to mount a camera on either side or both, using a large or small screen, whether to integrate the image into the car's main screen, from which the camera price will also fluctuate from 2 to about 6.5 million VND a set. Photo: Huy Hoang.

Tire pressure sensors include 4 sensor valves mounted inside or outside the tire, recording tire conditions such as temperature, steam volume in the tire and display on the vehicle mounted monitor. With this sensor, the vehicle owner will promptly detect when the tire is attached to the nail or there is a phenomenon of overheating to handle, avoid the tire injection, causing the tire to lose, especially when moving at high speed. . Price for a tire pressure sensor is about VND 2.5 million. Photo: Anh Ngoc.

Mini tire pump is quite useful when it is compact, easy to use, fully display information to help the driver to pump the tire according to the manufacturer's instructions or self-treat when the tire is Down slightly on the road. The price of a mini pump is about VND 500,000. Photo: Do Dinh Tung.

Display screen - GPS navigation. The central screen is sometimes not convenient enough, and the driver needs to add another screen in a more convenient position for observation. Mirror screens are an effective option, especially when used to display a reversing camera, a hip camera or a navigation map. In modern cars, most are equipped with GPS navigation and maps. If you don't have one, you can use your smartphone to navigate, or buy a separate GPS navigation kit. Navigation helps you avoid straying, entering restricted roads, speeding, especially useful for new drivers, who are not used to cars and familiar with the road. Photo: Nguyet Anh.

Journey camera is quite diverse in types and brands. Journey camera helps to record the front image of the vehicle, some of them integrate the feature of recording the rear of the vehicle and recording the cockpit. Most types of cruise cameras now have a direct connection mode with smartphones to download images quickly. Journey camera will work in the event of a collision, violate traffic rules or use images as evidence to support authorities in some situations. The price of a set of cameras varies from 1.5 to 4 million VND. Photo: Mio.

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